Exclusive visits

All year round, the Domain of the Caves of Han offers a dazzling array of exclusive visits. So why not explore the Domain from a different angle? 

  • A Wolf's Tale

    03/06, 10/06, 17/06


    Accompanied by a passionate nature guide, discover this legendary animal that is feared by some and revered by others...

  • Forest bathing

    04/06, 08/07, 12/08, 09/09


    ​Accompanied by a nature guide, you will immerse yourself in the Boine forest, enjoy the healing properties of the forest and connect with nature. An authentic and rejuvenating experience!

  • The enchanted flute in the Cave



    Let yourself be enchanted by the spellbinding tones of the transverse flute of Rebecca Van Bogaert... You will discover a totally different aspect of the Cave!

  • A Bear's Tale



    Did you know that the brown bear was for millennia regarded as the king of European animals?Join us for a fascinating journey to bear country!

  • Singing in the Cave

    24/06, 09/09, 21/10


    A tour of the Cave accompanied by opera singers. Emotion guaranteed!

  • Moonlight visits

    01/07, 29/07


    Listen to the the sounds of the night and admire nature and the forest dwellers, lit by the stars and by the dancing moonlight... An exclusive immersion discovering the Wildlife Park's nocturnal life!

  • A Wolf Cub's Tale

    01/07, 29/07, 19/08


    An exclusive visit discovering the world of the wolf, specially created for junior explorers and their family!

  • The Park just for you ~ Evening visits

    04/07, 06/07, 11/07, 13/07, 18/07, 20/07, 25/07, 27/07, 01/08, 03/08, 08/08, 10/08, 15/08, 17/08, 22/08, 24/08


    During the golden twilight hours, explore the Park's hills in small groups (max. 15) and accompanied by a Ranger!

  • The Park just for you ~ Morning visits

    05/07, 09/07, 12/07, 16/07, 19/07, 23/07, 26/07, 30/07, 02/08, 06/08, 09/08, 13/08, 16/08, 20/08, 23/08, 27/08


    In small groups (max. 15) and accompanied by a Ranger, discover secret spots and the secret life of our animals at dawn... A magical moment immersed in the heart of nature!

  • In search of the lost river

    07/07, 14/07, 21/07, 28/07, 04/08, 11/08, 18/08, 25/08


    In smalls groups accompanied by a Ranger, travel from the Chasm of Belvaux to the d’Enfaule Hole and the depths of the Earth, following the mysterious underground course of the Lesse river.

  • Meet the European Predators

    08/07, 15/07, 22/07, 05/08, 12/08, 26/08


    Enjoy the privilege of an exclusive evening visit to this 250 hectares haven of peace, and learn everything there is to know about four emblematic European predators!

  • Culinary walking tour

    18/08, 19/08


    Exceptional moonlit visit, partly by Safari-bus and partly on foot, through the Wildlife Park, dotted with tastings of local delicacies in the most unusual places…

  • Vino Cavo


    17:00, 17:30, 18:00, 18:30

    Follow your guide for a journey through a sparkling underground world, right up to to the majestic Weapons Room. Enjoy a tasty buffet of local cheeses paired with Belgian wines!

  • Red deer rut at twilight

    15/09, 16/09, 17/09, 22/09, 23/09, 24/09, 29/09, 30/09, 01/10, 06/10, 07/10, 08/10


    Visit the Wildlife Park aboard a Safari-bus and witness this crucial moment in the life of our herd!

  • Red deer rut at twilight + Dinner

    15/09, 16/09, 22/09, 23/09, 29/09, 30/09, 06/10, 07/10


    After admiring the roaring stags, a great way to top off your evening is to enjoy a delicious meal in the restaurant Le Pavillon, on the banks of the river Lesse!

  • Red deer rut at dawn

    16/09, 17/09, 23/09, 24/09, 30/09, 01/10, 07/10, 08/10


    Leave early at dawn on the Walking trail to admire this amazing show of nature.

  • Photo safari in the Wildlife Park

    17/09, 24/09, 01/10, 08/10


    During the morning, take advantage of the quietness of the Wildlife Park and take all the time you need to take some nice shots of our animals.

  • Beer Tasting in the Cave



    Combine the exploration of an exceptional natural site with a tasting of craft beers! A unique gourmet experience in the fascinating underground world of the Cave of Han!

  • Hanlloween evening shows

    29/10, 30/10, 31/10

    17:30, 18:10, 18:50, 19:30, 20:10

    Walk through the Boine forest, bathed by moonlight, and meet the mysterious hill dwellers that only come out once a a year!

  • Daytime Hanlloween visits

    21/10 > 05/11

    The whole day

    Come and enjoy a thrilling Hanlloween experience in the Domain of the Caves of Han!

  • Journey to the heart of the Earth

    On reservation

    Discover the world of caving and experience authentic nature in one of Europe’s most beautiful unspoilt caves: the “Père Noël” cave!

  • Alice in Caveland: a Musical Visit


    Just like Alice, take a wonderful journey and discover a totally different world: the fascinating underground world of the Cave of Han. A fun and interactive visit for adults and children!

    Finished in 2023


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