Discover the Cave

At the heart of the very first Belgian UNESCO Global Geopark, the Cave of Han takes you on a journey to the centre of the Earth, exploring unforgettable jewels of nature… A unique visit, experienced by over 23 million visitors!

In the depths of the Earth...

The Cave is quite something: awe-inspiring thanks to its stunningly beautiful concretions and the sheer size of its chambers… It proudly wears its 3 Green Michelin Stars and was even voted Wallonia’s favourite Tourism Heritage! The Cave is entirely equipped with LED lighting, which not only highlights the Cave’s beauty but is also more environmentally friendly.

Are you visiting the Cave with your family, with small children or older people? Then you will enjoy the Cave Discovery visit, a 1h15 tour taking you through the Cave's most beautiful chambers and galleries. Fancy a more in-depth visit? Then the longest visit, the 2h Cave Journey, will take you on a magical voyage of discovery in the heart of the Cave...

Geological marvel

Mankind’s heritage and guardian of its countless treasures

The Cave has fascinated Man since times immemorial, and was visited time and again, generation after generation… First by the prehistoric tribes that used the Cave for shelter, then by modern-day man, awed by the exquisite beauty of this miracle of nature. Shaped by the river Lesse winding its way through the Cave and continually perfecting its creation, the Cave truly is a work of art in progress…

Origin, simply the most breathtaking underground show in the world

Nearly 110 meters underground, enjoy this stunning sound and light show and embark on an extraordinary journey through time.

The PrehistoHan museum, an exhibition taking you through the millennia

Explore 10.000 years of history and discover the Cave of Han’s fabulous archaeological treasure, discovered at the bottom of the river.

Free visit with your Cave, Wildlife Park or PassHan ticket!

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To visit the Cave, you can take your pick between three ticket options: a ticket just for the Cave visit, the PassHan combined ticket (Cave + Wildlife Park) or the membership.

A natural site filled with mystery

Ever since the first explorers set foot in it, the Cave of Han has been the subject of fascination and curiosity. Scientists and explorers roam its galleries all year round, yearning to pierce its secrets, hoping to really understand the Cave… Want to know more about the Cave?