Visit by Safari-bus

  • ± 1h30

On the traces of the European fauna

Hop aboard a Safari-bus and explore the Wildlife Park and its amazing untamed nature in this observation vehicle. Your chauffeur will also be your guide, and will provide a wealth of information on the surrounding fauna and flora. 

Along the way, the Safari-bus will stop so you can admire the breathtaking panorama of the Chavée (the Lesse’s former river valley) and to admire the Chasm of Belvaux, where the river disappears into the Boine massif.

Admire the countless animals you’ll encounter along the way while enjoying breathtaking landscapes. Round off your explorations by visiting Bear Hill, a custom-built enclosure that is 2 ha in size and is home to one of our continents iconic species.

Practical tips

  • Important: with your Park or PassHan ticket, you are allowed one single visit to the Park: either on foot (with or without shuttle) or by Safari-bus!
  • Equipment: to make sure you can admire the animals and your surroundings, the Safari-bus is open on all sides. Make sure you wear weather-appropriate clothing.
  • PRM: the standard visit to the Wildlife Park can be taken by Safari-bus if visitors can remain seated for 1h30 on the Safari-bus bench, and as long as they can enter and exit the Safari-bus without assistance (no wheelchair lift). On prior request, groups of disabled visitors can visit the Wildlife Park by Safari-bus (with a specially adapted semi-trailer). More information on our PRM page.
  • Pushchairs: pushchairs and buggies are not allowed in the Safari-bus. To avoid any unnecessary hassle, please leave your pushchair in your vehicle or in the designated area near the entrance to the Cave (under your own responsibility - please bring a padlock to secure your pushchair).
  • Dogs are not allowed in the Wildlife Park, not even small dogs that can be carried in a handbag. Unfortunately, we do not have a kennel for your four-footed friends during your visit. Important: be aware of animal welfare; do not leave your dog in your car!
  • For a good view: bring a pair of binoculars, they will help you make the most of your visit!
  • At the end of your visit: on your way back, drop by the PrehistoHan museum (free visit with your Park or PassHan ticket). 

Got questions?

The PassHan ticket (Cave + Wildlife Park)

A bargain ticket for an amazing day out!