Visit on foot

  • min. 3h

  • 3 or 6 km (you choose)

  • WC

Enjoy a rejuvenating walk surrounded by nature

Leaving from the departure plain, you will travel to the Wildlife Park's entrance either aboard a vehicle (tram or Safari-bus)* or on foot via the bucolic Badgers' Trail.

Let your exploration of the Park begin… Surrounded by lush open spaces and woodland, you can admire a wide range of animal species that live here. Explore observation towers and enjoy breathtaking panoramas on the river Lesse’s forme valley along the way. 

And for adventurous spirits, our treetop canopy, with hanging bridges between the trees, is just perfect for exploring the park from above…

* Depending on the season and the number of visitors, you will leave for your visit either with our hundred-year-old tram or by Safari-bus. Our trams cannot operate during cold weather spells.

Short or long trail, it’s up to you!

The Walking Trail is 6 km long. You need to add 1 km to the tour if you decide to leave on foot from the departure plain and walk along the Badgers' Trail! 

After 3 km (halfway through the Park visit), when you arrive at the Chasm of Belvaux, you can either continue your visit on foot or board a shuttle. Either way, you will round off your visit by meeting our brown bears, who live in Bear Hill, a custom-built enclosure that is 2 ha in size, with natural landscape features that provide a challenging and interesting environment for our bears. After which you need to walk about 100 meters to reach the Salpetre Hole, the Cave's former entrance and where the Walking trail ends.

You will travel back to the village either by vehicle (tram or Safari-bus)* or on foot via a rather challenging route (2 km). Once you’re back in the village, you can round off your day by visiting the PrehistoHan museum (visit included in your Wildlife Park, Cave or PassHan ticket).

#* Depending on the season and the number of visitors, outbound and return journeys will be made by hundred-year-old tram or by Safari-bus. Our trams cannot operate during cold weather spells.#

New on the Walking trail: the Secret Forest

Welcome to the Secret Forest! Discover the enigmatic, imaginative world of Spencer Byles, an internationally renowned artist. Be touched and surprised by his works of art, which merge with nature, in the heart of the forest. A special place that you can visit from 1 July on the Walking trail of the Wildlife Park!

Practical tips

  • Important: with your Park or PassHan ticket, you are allowed one single visit to the Park: either on foot (with or without shuttle) or by Safari-bus!
  • Equipment: make sure to wear walking shoes.
  • PRM: the Walking Trail is not accessible to persons with reduced mobility. As soon as the health situation permits, we will once again organize adapted visits for PMR groups. More information on our PRM page.

  • Pushchairs: for your own – and your child’s – wellbeing we recommend you bring a baby carrier (sling or backpack). Only the first part of the Walking Trail is pushchair accessible (and only for all terrain pushchairs). Halfway, at the Chasm of Belvaux, you can board a shuttle with your pushchair. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of your tour!

  • Bicycles and kick scooters are not allowed in the Park.
  • Dogs are not allowed in the Wildlife Park, not even small dogs that can be carried in a handbag. Unfortunately, we do not have a kennel for your four-footed friends during your visit. Important information: we request you do not leave your dog in your car. 
  • For a good view: bring a pair of binoculars, they will help you make the most of your visit!
  • At the end of your visit: when you reach the end of the Walking trail, the old-fashioned tram will take you back to the village. You can also get back to the village on foot by taking the historic footpath that climbs the Boine hill : 30 min., only for keen hikers. On your way back, drop by the PrehistoHan museum (free visit with your Wildlife Park or PassHan ticket). 

Got questions?

The PassHan ticket (Cave + Wildlife Park)

A bargain ticket for an amazing day out!