Your PassHan

Treat yourself to our PassHan ticket and enjoy an amazing day out at the Domain of the Caves of Han ! With this ticket, you can visit the Domain’s 4 key attractions: the Cave of Han, the Wildlife Park and the PrehistoHan and Han 1900 museums.

The Cave of Han

Hop aboard an old-fashioned tram and travel towards the entrance of one of the most beautiful caves in Europe. A journey to the centre of the Earth, exploring countless geological treasures...

The Wildlife Park

Surrounded by unspoilt nature, come and meet the many animal species that live or once lived in our area.

The PrehistoHan museum

Explore 10.000 years of history and discover the Cave of Han’s fabulous archaeological treasure, discovered at the bottom of the river.

The Han 1900 museum

Visit this exhibition (located on the village’s main street), and travel back to the early 20th century to relive everyday life in the 1900’s.

A bargain ticket for an amazing day out!

The PassHan ticket is valid for the whole season. It is a single-use ticket (1 visit/attraction). You don’t have to visit the 4 attractions on the same day; you can spread out your visits.