Got questions? You’ll find your answer here, in our list of Frequently Asked Questions about the Domain.

You still have questions? Feel free to contact us: info@grotte-de-han.be  ●  +32 (0)84 37 72 13

  • Covid-19

    The Domain will reopen for business on Thursday 21 May! You can visit the Wildlife Park via the Walking trail or by Safari-bus. The Cave cannot be visited yet, we will keep you posted as soon as we know when the Cave will reopen. 

    Yes, you need to buy your tickets in advance via our online ticketing. Buy your tickets online now and be among the first to discover the many young animals born during the spring… Your visit has many lovely surprises in store! If you want to visit the Park by Safari-bus, you need to book the date and time of your visit. If you want to visit the Park on foot, you only need to book the date; you can leave for your visit any time you like between 10:00 and 15:30.

    If you have bought a presale ticket or if you are a Gold Pass annual ticket holder, you do not need to book ahead. Just go to our Information desk and we will give you a ticket stamped with the date and time.

    The visits are adapted so we can welcome you in the safest possible conditions. 

    Our reception area and ticket office are moved 250 m away, towards the vast Dry Hamptay plain which is located nearby the Cave exit. The departure points for the visits to the Wildlife Park are also relocated to the Dry Hamptay plain. This way, we can ensure we have enough room to welcome all of our visitors while respecting the rules of social distancing.

    The visit to the Park by Safari-bus lasts 1h30, the Safari-bus takes the usual route. Social distancing between families will be respected inside the vehicles. Beware: it is compulsory for passengers (from the age of 12 onwards) inside the vehicles to wear a face mask

    The visit to the Park on foot follows the usual route. Visitors can gain access to the Park either by tram (while respecting the rules of social distancing) or on foot (900 m) leaving from the plain. Beware: passengers from the age of 12 onwards need to wear a face mask while inside the vehicles. After your visit, you will go back to your departure point by tram.

    The Domain is doing everything possible to ensure you are able to enjoy your visit in the safest possible conditions; we are implementing robust precautions to keep everyone safe and protected from possible exposure. All over the Domain, we are making changes and adaptations to make sure the rules of social distancing can be respected everywhere you go. Surface areas are disinfected on a regular basis and antibacterial hand gel is available to our visitors on different locations along the tour.

    There are several food spots with food and drink to go in the Park and nearby the departure area. There is something to suit all tastes!

    We will open the Tree Tents as soon as we receive government authorisation. We will take every measure possible to warrant social distancing and health and safety every step of the way.

    Current subscriptions will be automatically extended to allow Gold Pass annual ticket holders to enjoy an entire season. For additional information, please contact our Information desk: info@grotte-de-han.be

    Are you a Gold Pass annual ticket holder? In this case, you do not need to book ahead. Just go to our Information desk and we will give you a ticket stamped with the date and time.

    Your tickets will remain valid till the end of the 2020 season. If the Domain’s reopening is postponed until after July 2020, we will consider extending their validity.

    You already bought presale tickets? Then, no need to book your visit in advance! Please go to our Information desk when you arrive and we will give you a ticket stamped with the date and time.

    Your Wonderbox voucher can be extended, provided that it hasn’t expired to this date. In order to do this, you need to contact Wonderbox’s Customer Service: client.be@wonderbox.com  ●  +32 (0)85 21 36 61

    Bongo vouchers that expired during the lockdown or that will expire within the next three months can be extended, free of charge, for a duration of approximately two months. Please contact Bongo’s customer service for more information: https://www.bongo.be/fr/contac...  ●  +32 (0)3 202 16 60

  • General

    There are two council car parks in the village (parking charges apply); they are located around the church (just opposite our Visitor Reception Area) and in the rue de la Lesse, just past the Kaleo Youth Hostel. 

    You can use all of the Domain’s toilets free of charge, upon presentation of your entrance ticket for the Domain. All our toilets (except those that are located in the Wildlife Park) are accessible to persons with reduced mobility.

    You can take pictures everywhere in the Wildlife Park. In the Cave, they are only allowed in the larger chambers, and you need to turn the flash off. You are not allowed to take pictures in the Cave galleries, to avoid overcrowding.

    The Domain offers a variety of restaurants and food spots among which our restaurant Le Pavillon, located on the banks of the Lesse and our Tearoom La Verrière with a selection of sweet or savoury dishes. Discover all or restaurants and food spots here : Where to eat.

    ⚠️ Important information: owing to government measures, our restaurant Le Pavillon is temporarily closed. You can buy food to go (including sandwiches, grilled ham and cheese sandwiches and paninis) from several locations nearby the reception area and in the Park. 

    Yes, and there are plenty of picnic benches dotted throughout the Domain, so you can enjoy your picnic in peace.  

    You can enjoy unique accommodation in our Tree Tents located in the heart of our Wildlife Park. Check out our accommodation options in or in close proximity to the Domain here: Accommodation.

    The playground is located on the vast plain that is temporarily the departure point for the visits. It can be used free of charge by all of our visitors.

    ⚠️ Important information: owing to government measures, the playground is temporarily inaccessible.

    Yes, of course. The tour of the Cave includes a total of 510 steps, so you cannot visit the Cave with strollers or pushchairs. For your own (and your child’s) wellbeing we recommend you bring a baby carrier (sling or backpack). You can leave your pushchair on the parking area provided to that effect on the departure platform. You can rent a padlock from our souvenir shop for € 6. When you return the padlock to us, you get € 5 back. 

    Visit to the Park by Safari-bus: pushchairs are not allowed on the Safari-buses. You need to take your baby on your lap. 

    Visit to the Park on foot: for your own – and your child’s – wellbeing we recommend you bring a baby carrier (sling or backpack). Only the first part of the Walking Trail is pushchair accessible (and only for all terrain pushchairs). Halfway, at the Chasm of Belvaux, you can board a shuttle with your pushchair.

    Are included in the price of your ticket: your visit as well as on-site transportation. You will not have to pay a supplement to take the complimentary transportation available to our visitors: the historic tram, the Safari-bus and the shuttle. 

    No, the regular tour of the Cave and the visit to the Wildlife Park are not accessible to persons with reduced mobility. This is why the Domain organises special PRM visits (prior booking required). More information on our PRM page.

    No, bicycles and kick scooters are not allowed on the Domain.

  • Tickets / Booking

    Check out our 2020 ticket prices: Tickets.
    Buy your tickets online in our new online ticketing!

    Buy your tickets online via our new online ticketing!

    When you buy tickets online, you can pay with Ogone, Mastercard, Maestro, Visa and Bancontact.

    Children under the age of 4 visit the Domain for free. You need to buy a child ticket (reduced rate) for children aged 4 to 11. View ticket prices! 

    Important information: age restrictions apply to some of our experiences (special visits, Journey to the Heart of the Earth…). More details are available on the pages devoted to our experiences

    A few minutes after your purchase you will receive a confirmation email. Your tickets will be attached to this email. Please print them on plain white A4 paper before your visit.

    In order to avoid scanning issues, we request that our visitors print their tickets on plain white A4 paper. If you can’t do that, just show us your tickets on your smartphone. If we can’t scan the tickets, our Information desk will print your ticket(s) for you.

    Please send an email to info@grotte-de-han.be or give us a call at +32 (0)84 37 72 13. Please mention the date of your order and the name given when ordering. Our Information desk will send you your tickets by email as quickly as possible.

    No, the PassHan ticket is valid throughout the season. The PassHan is a single-use ticket (1 visit per attraction). You can visit the 4 attractions on separate days. So you can book a long weekend and visit the Cave on Saturday, the PrehistoHan museum on Sunday and come back a few months later (during our opening times) to visit the Wildlife Park and the Han 1900 museum.

    Yes, and if you buy a Gold Pass annual ticket within 24 hours after your visit, you ticket for the Cave, the Wildlife Park or the PassHan will be refunded at the ticket desk.

    Your Gold Pass is valid for 12 months after the date of your first visit. 

    In order to enjoy our attractive group rates, you need to book at least 5 days in advance. There needs to be a minimum of 20 ticket paying visitors in your group. More information on our group rates here: Group rates

    Senior citizens (65+) enjoy a € 2 discount on tickets for: the PassHan, the Cave, the Wildlife Park, the Gold Pass annual ticket, our special visits and the Speleo Quest (only when bought from the ticket counter and on the gate prices).

  • Cave

    Dogs are allowed in the Cave, providing they do not bother the other visitors. They must remain on a leash at all times. Please take into account that the trip includes a total of 510 steps and that temperature in the Cave averages 9°C (the air is also very humid). Dogs are also allowed in the PrehistoHan Museum, except for the projection room.

    Yes, you can take pictures in the Cave’s larger chambers, providing you turn your flash off. Taking pictures in the Cave galleries is not allowed, to avoid overcrowding. 

    Yes, the stunning sound and light show Origin in the awe-inspiring Weapons Room is part of your visit to the Cave and included in the price of your ticket.

    No, there are no toilets in the Cave, so we recommend you take a toilet break at the cafeteria before boarding the tram. After your visit, you can use the toilets in our restaurants Le Pavillon (next to the Cave exit) and La Verrière (on the other side of the playground).

  • Wildlife Park

    No, dogs are not allowed in the Wildlife Park, not even small dogs that can be carried in a handbag. This is for health and safety reasons, to protect the animals in the Park. Unfortunately, we do not have a kennel for your four-footed friends during your visit.

    By Safari-bus it takes 1h30, on foot it takes about 3h. If you opt for the Walking trail, you can visit at your own pace and take as long as you like, as long as it is during our opening times.

    There are several toilets along the Walking trail through the Wildlife Park. View the map of the Walking trail!

    Unfortunately, this is not possible. Your ticket gives you one-time only access to the Park, either on foot via the Walking trail or by Safari-bus. It is not possible for you to leave the Park and come back a while later. 

    No, this is unfortunately not possible. You can visit the Park by Safari-bus or on foot, along the Walking trail.

    No, the Park animals are wild animals, they are not used to being touched or petted. Our team of professional carers give them species appropriate food that is adapted to their needs. They keep their distances from the animals, in order to affect their natural animal behaviour as little as possible. It really is important that you respect these rules: their health and wellbeing depend on your cooperation! 

    All of the animals in the Park were born in captivity in other animal parks. A few animals were rescued from their natural habitat, such as the vultures that could no longer fly or Mufko, the orphan bear that was raised by humans and could no longer be released into the wild.

    Yes, a number of animals can and are being released back into the wild! The Domain is a key player in the reintroduction of European threatened species. Bison, Przewalski’s horses, aurochs, tarpan horses and even smooth snakes from the Park have been released into the wild. Our involvement implication is reflected in the way we raise breed these animals in a way that encourages their natural animal behaviour.

  • Experiences

    Yes, you do need to book in advance for our special visits. By buying your tickets online on our website, you enjoy a € 2 discount per adult and per child. View our special visits

    Great idea, you will definitely not regret it! 😊 You need to book at least 2 weeks in advance (subject to availability). Book a night