Persons with Reduced Mobility

Individual visits

The Cave tour and the Wildlife's Park Walking trail are not accessible to wheelchair users. The standard visit to the Wildlife Park can be taken by Safari-bus if visitors can remain seated for 1h30 on the Safari-bus bench, and as long as they can enter and exit the Safari-bus without assistance (no wheelchair lift). On prior request, groups of disabled visitors can visit the Wildlife Park by Safari-bus (with a specially adapted semi-trailer).

Group visits

Upon prior booking, groups of disabled visitors (with a specially adapted trailer) can visit the Park by Safari-bus. These visits are only available on weekdays and outside of Belgian school holidays. Max. 8 wheelchair users per group, for a group of maximum 50 visitors).

Prices: see our usual group prices


The PrehistoHan museum is located on the first floor of our restaurant “La Verrière”, and can be visited by visitors with reduced mobility thanks to a lift.

Disabled-accessible holiday cottages