Red deer rut at twilight + Dinner

  • Saturdays and Sundays from 14/09 to 06/10

  • 17:30

Experience the fierce battles of the King of the Forest

A natural arena, several suitors, an awe-inspiring show... But there can only be one final victor! 

Autumn sounds the beginning of the deers' mating season. The mating season is the time of courtship rituals, of rivals fiercely battling each other to win over the females and especially the mythical roars of love of the stags echoing through the forest! This raucous sound is their unusual way of attracting females. The sound of their unusual roars is not only utterly fascinating it also makes you feel close to Nature. A unique experience to be enjoyed in the heart of the Wildlife Park, accompanied by a nature guide. With your guide's help, you will uncover the secrets of this fascinating animal that roams our forests since time immemorial. Listen to the mighty roars of the stags, admire the herds of hinds and stags gambolling on the Domain's vast grasslands and witness one of nature's top wildlife spectacles!

A special twilight visit, taken aboard a Safari-bus.

After this breathtaking show, enjoy a delicious meal in our restaurant Le Pavillon, located on the banks of the river Lesse!

Visits exclusively in French and Dutch!

Our very tasty menu

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Useful information

  • 1h45 + dinner

  • Visit mainly by Safari-bus

Please remember to dress warmly and wear walking shoes!

Meeting place: please make sure that you arrive at the meeting place for your visit at least 15 minutes before the departure time: walk towards 46, rue des Grottes. Walk across the playground towards the owl. Then follow the green arrows (departure with the Safari-bus). If you are late, we cannot guarantee that you can take part in the visit, nor will we refund your tickets.


  • Child (4-11 years): € 40,00

  • Adult: € 60,00

  • Membership holder: -50 % on the visit and -15 % on the meal

  • Cocoon Village lodger: 1 Red deer rut visit included in your stay, -15 % on the meal

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