Vino Cavo

A culinary experience at the heart of the earth

Travel towards the Cave of Han's entrance (located in the heart of our Wildlife Park) aboard an old-fashioned tram. Follow your guide on a journey through this sparkling underground world and finally discover the awe-inspiring Weapons' Room. In this majestic setting, you will enjoy a buffet of scrumptious local cheeses paired with Belgian wines. After this delicious gourmet break, continue your journey of exploration and discover a wealth of geological treasures. A tasting of local products in a truly magical site! 

Visit commentaries exclusively in French and Dutch!

On the menu

Rochefort cheeses, from the Mathot artisan cheese factory in Rochefort:

  • Le Mi-vieux (semi-mature)
  • Le Tradition (the traditional Rochefort cheese, based on an ancient Trappist recipe)
  • Aux algues (with seaweed)

Cheese from the artisan cheese-maker "les fromages du plateau du Gerny" in Aye:

  • Caprice du Gerny (cream cheese)
  • Maquée (creamy cottage cheese)
  • Pavé de Tavys Nature (soft rind cheese, similar to Brie)
  • Pavé de Tavys Fleuri (bloomy rind cheese, similar to camembert)
  • Pavé Bière des Godis (flavoured with local beer)
  • Saveur des Godis Nature (hard cheese)
  • Saveur des Godis Ail et Orties (with garlic and nettle)
  • Tome de Tavys Bloc (unpasteurised cow’s milk cheese)

From the artisan cheese factory "La fromagerie du Samson" (Marche-en-Famenne):

  • Samson aux fleurs (their specialty, an unpasteurised cow’s milk cheese with a bloomy rind covered in edible flowers)
  • Camembert
  • Ash-coated goat’s cheese


  • Bread selection & butter from the Plaquette butter farm (Mesnil-Saint-Blaise)
  • Honey
  • Sirop de Liège (traditional pear syrup)
  • Dried fruit
  • Green and red grapes

Belgian wines "Château Bon Baron" (Profondeville, Dinant), with the AOC (Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée or Protected Geographical Indicatio) of "Côte de Sambre et Meuse":

  • White wine: le Pinot Blanc 2021
  • Red wine: le Pinot Noir Trésor 2017

All-you-can-eat buffet. 2 beverages are included in the visit. You can order any additional drinks from our cash bar.

Useful information

  • 2h45

  • 9°C

  • 510

  • WC

Please remember to dress warmly!

Meeting place: please make sure that you arrive at the meeting place for your visit at least 15 minutes before the departure time: walk towards 46, rue des Grottes. Walk across the playground towards the owl. Then follow the red arrows (departure by tram). If you are late, we cannot guarantee that you can take part in the visit, nor will we refund your tickets.


  • Child (6-11 years)*: € 40,00

  • Adult: € 70,00

  • Membership holder: -15 %

  • Cocoon Village lodger: -15 %

* Minimum age required for children: 6 years.

Booking compulsory

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Important information: we reserve the right to cancel an exclusive visit if there are less than 15 participants. In the event of a cancellation, you will be informed, if possible, at the latest 24h in advance. In this case, you can reschedule your visit or request a full refund. If you would like to make a same-day booking or book a visit for the next after, please contact our Bookings Team either by email or phone (see contact details above) to make sure the visit will take place.

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