Moonlight visits

Experience the Park's night life!

The sun is peacefully going to sleep, the moon is gently waking up, the owls are hooting and the leaves are softly quivering in the nascent moonlight... Follow your guide and take a magical nocturnal journey through the heart of the forest and the Willife Park's hills. Walk along our treetop canopy and caress the softly swaying tree crowns. Listen to the the sounds of the night, experience its soft and mysterious atmophere and admire nature and the forest dwellers at night, lit by the stars and by the dancing moonlight... An exclusive immersion discovering the Wildlife Park's nocturnal life!

Visits exclusively in French!

Useful information

  • 2h15

  • Visit on foot

Dress according to the weather and bring walking shoes and a bottle of water!

Meeting place: please make sure that you arrive at the meeting place for your visit at least 15 minutes before the departure time: walk towards 46, rue des Grottes. Walk across the playground towards the owl. Then follow the green arrows (departure place of the Safari-bus). If you are late, we cannot guarantee that you can take part in the visit, nor will we refund your tickets.


  • Child (10-11 years)*: € 25,00

  • Adult: € 33,00

  • Membership holder: -50 %

  • Cocoon Village lodger: -15 %

* Minimum age required for children: 10 years.

Booking compulsory

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Got questions?

Feel free to contact our Bookings Team:

Important information: we reserve the right to cancel an exclusive visit if there are less than 10 participants. In the event of a cancellation, you will be informed, if possible, at the latest 24h in advance. In this case, you can reschedule your visit or request a full refund. If you would like to make a same-day booking or book a visit for the next after, please contact our Bookings Team either by email or phone (see contact details above) to make sure the visit will take place.

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