A Wolf's Tale

Discover the mysterious world of the wolf

Since times immemorial, the wolf features in countless stories and is the subject of all kinds of tales and superstitions... But where lies the truth? This legendary animal is feared by some, revered by others, but always intrigues... What do we really know about the secretive predator that is called wolf? 

Take a journey in the heart of the Wildlife Park and the mysteries that surround the wolf will be unveiled. Accompanied by a wildlife guide, observe the Park's wolf pack, hear their tale and learn more about this fascinating animal that has recently returned to our neck of the woods. Ready for a unique encounter with the Canis Lupus?

Visits exclusively in French!

Useful information

  • 2h15

  • Visit on foot and by Safari-bus

  • Snack included*

#* Kids' snack: Upigny artisan fruit juice, Lucien artisan crisps. Adults' snack: Saison de Han beer, Lucien artisan crisps.#

Please remember to dress warmly and wear walking shoes!


  • Child (6-11 years)*: € 25,00

  • Adult: € 33,00

  • Membership holder: -50 %

  • Cocoon Village lodger: -50 %

* Minimum age required for children: 6 years.

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