The wolverine

There where the vast grasslands come to an end and trees take over, dwells a powerful predator. Fortunate is he who catches a glimpse of this stealthy animal… The wolverine is extremely discreet, almost a phantom of the forest. Suddenly, thick brown fur appears, there it is at last! 

This soft-footed animal furtively weaves its way between the rocks that rest on the ground and wanders like a shadow in the soft light. Its gait is joyful; it almost looks as if it is dancing. It crosses the woods, then suddenly disappears, comes back just as abruptly, ferrets about here and there, on the lookout for prey. And as quickly as it appeared, the wolverine discreetly tiptoes away…

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Phantom of the north

Under the wolverine’s cute cuddly bear exterior, lies a ferocious animal, strong and powerful which is why it is nicknamed “the terror of the Great White North”. Wolverines have incredibly strong jaws (as powerful as that of wolves), paws that are as strong as that of a bear, and they are every bit as agile as stone martens. Because of these combined qualities the wolverine is a formidable and fearless predator. It does not think twice about attacking larger animals, such as the reindeer. Wolverines are capable of slaying animals up to 10 times their size! Nonetheless, the wolverine is not a danger to mankind.

Cohabitation with mankind has always been difficult because wolverines will attack livestock and herds. For a very long time, the wolverine was persecuted and even today it is hunted for its fur, which is not only gorgeous, but also water and frost resistant. In Canada, wolverine fur is used to make clothes, which is why it is a threatened species….

Powerful and agile


The breeding season lasts from May to June. The wolverine is a rather solitary animal and the male and the female only come together during the breeding season to mate. Gestation lasts 6 to 9 months and the litter size averages 1 to 3 kits. The female can extend the gestation period for several months if she judges that the conditions for giving birth are not good!

Did you know that?

The wolverine does not dig out a burrow or shelter, except for breeding purposes. Also, the wolverine can sleep just about anywhere, on the ground, in a hedge or even in an animal carcass…

It hides its food in the ground or at the top of a tree, sometimes for several days. The wolverine sprays its food with his extremely odorous anal secretions to make sure the food doesn’t get stolen!

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