The Eurasian lynx

Not far from where the river meanders through the meadows, dwells a stunningly beautiful feline. In these enchanted and dense woods, all you need to do is listen carefully to hear Mother Nature whispering marvellous tales. Listen to cool water gently flowing on moss covered rocks, leaves gently quivering in the wind and this graceful animal mewing, growling and softly purring.

Its piercing gaze, its ears decorated with tufts of hair and its spotted fur are a joy to behold in all seasons. Sometimes it weaves its way between the trees, sometimes it is contentedly basking on a rock. Its movements are always elegance incarnate, and the lynx, Lord of the forest, is ever fascinating…

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A feline on the hunt for prey

The lynx is an elusive animal. It looks like a great big cat, but this feline is not easy to approach. Thanks to its spotted fur with a grey beige colour that it uses as camouflage, it remains hidden from sight most of the time. Often poached because of its gorgeous fur, the lynx is a threatened species despite the conservation measures aiming to protect the species.

The lynx is a skilled predator, patient and extremely fast on short distances. It will feed for several days on a kill, covering the carcass up in-between meals.

In days gone by, the lynx occurred all over Europe. Nowadays, it can be found in Germany, in the Vosges and in the Jura regions.

A piercing gaze

Social life

The lynx is a social animal. It tends to avoid humans, not because it’s afraid but because man has little appeal for the lynx. Because man holds no attraction for the lynx, they never attack humans.

Males and females only come together during the breeding period, between February and April. The lynx has a very short gestation period of only 2 months! Two months after mating, the female gives birth, usually to a litter of 2 to 4 cubs.

Did you know that?

Contrary to popular belief, the lynx does not have an excellent vision! It possesses an ordinary sense of sight, but on the other hand, possesses an extremely acute sense of smell.

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