Meal deals for groups

We look forward to welcoming you in our restaurant Le Pavillon!

Our restaurant & brasserie offers a wide array of local specialties. It also offers a great setting as it is located right next to the Cave exit, overlooking the river Lesse. Capacity: seats 200.

N.B.: closed on Wednesdays during the off season.

Menus of the Domain

  • 2 course menu (starter + main course or main course + dessert)*: € 30,90 
  • 3 course menu (starter + main course + dessert)*: € 34,10 
  • Children's menu (4-11 years): € 13,20

* Please choose the same menu for the whole group. Drinks package included in the price. 


  • Smoked trout mousse with wild garlic and crudités
  • Top-of-the-range Ardennes ham and paté, crudités, old-fashioned onion jam
  • Bouillon with garden vegetables (vegan)
  • Tomato stuffed with maquée (creamy fresh cheese) from the Plateau du Gerny cheesemakers, salad and vinaigrette


  • Whole oven-baked trout from the Mathonet trout farm, butter with wild garlic by Lionel Plaquette
  • Cornu beef stew with Saison de Han beer
  • Stir-fried seasonal vegetables (vegetarian)
  • Fillet of Ardennes poultry, mushroom sauce with cajun nut cream, French fries, crudités with cider vinegar (gluten and lactose free)
  • Roast free range Ardennes pork, sauce with Rochefort Trappist beer, onions, bacon strips and cream

    Side dishes: creamy rice, baby potatoes with rock salt, French fries or potato croquettes


      • Dame blanche with Gilfi artisan ice cream
      • Fruit salad
      • Apple pie
      • Chocolate treat
      • Ice nougat with Gilfi artisan ice cream


      • Drink package included in the 2 and 3 course menus: 1 glass of wine (12,5 cl) or 1 "Saison de Han" (beer) or 1 soft drink + 1 coffee or tea + 1 carafe of water.
      • Supplement: drink package included in the 2 and 3 course menus + 1 glass of wine (12,5 cl) or 1 "Saison de Han" (beer) or 1 soft drink.
      • Our special house aperitif (Kir)


      • Bear Cub Menu: meatball with tomato sauce, chips + 1 ice cream + 1 beverage (soft drink)
      • Wolf Cub Menu: chicken nuggets, apple compote, chips + 1 ice cream + 1 beverage (soft drink)

      Quick Meals

      • Our chef’s special pasta dish (penne) (vegetarian) + 1 beverage (soft drink or draught beer) (vegetarian)
      • Meatballs in tomato sauce, chips + 1 beverage (soft drink or draught beer)

        Other options

        • Coffee or tea reception
        • Coffee or tea reception + 1 or 2 viennoiserie(s) (croissant, chocolate croissant)
        • Afternoon tea: coffee or tea + 1 slice of pie
        • Packed lunch: 1 sandwich + 1 bottle of water (50 cl) + 1 fruit + 1 sweet treat

        On request

        For special requests like gourmet menus, feel free to contact us, we will be more than happy to help:  ●  +32 (0)84 37 72 13

        For large parties or special events, we can organise tasty buffets and cocktail parties, either outdoor, under a marquee, or in the exceptional settings of the Cave of Han or the Wildlife Park.

        Good to know

        • One set menu per group!
        • Use of the toilets is free of charge.

        An amazing day out with your group!