Origin, a stunning new sound and light show in the heart of the Cave

11 May 2018

Now that we’ve put the finishing touches to the cave lighting, the Cave’s natural beauty has been sublimated, revealing chambers each more awe-inspiring than the last, and unveiling spectacular concretions that are ever more entrancing...

But from this summer on, the Cave has another fabulous surprise in store for you! The classic tour to the Cave will be enhanced by the thrilling, brand-new sound and light show "Origin", using state-of-the art video-mapping and laser technology to make the Cave’s eventful history come to life. The show was created by Luc PETIT, a magician of the scenic arts, whose numerous collaborations include world-famous names such as Franco Dragone and Disney!

A journey through time and the four elements

The site of the Domain of the Cave of Han lies at the very heart of untamed nature, and bears witness to the history of our world. Over time, the water has carved out and shaped the rocks, and the cave now boasts many mystery-laden galleries and majestic rooms. The fossils that decorate the Cave walls are a reminder of the tropical ocean that once covered our area… "Origin" – as the name suggests - immerses visitors into the origins of our universe, going back to the Big Bang, but also evokes space exploration, and invites them for a voyage into the submarine, vegetal and animal worlds...

This unique show – specially created for the Domain - will enhance the classic tour of the Cave! 

The Dream Team behind the scenes...

Luc Petit is considered a veritable virtuoso of the scenic arts and, for each of his shows has managed to combine different artistic disciplines with the most innovative technologies to achieve a specific artistic mood, and a surprising atmosphere that permeate his artistic creation, while highlighting both his creative process and his humanistic approach. For the occasion, Luc Petit surrounded himself with the very best in their fields:

  • Luc Petit: Art Director (Décrocher la Lune, Nocturnales dans les cathédrales)
  • Anne Roelandt: Line Producer (Luc Petit Création)
  • Emmanuel Dufoing: Project Manager (Luc Petit Création)
  • Koert Vermeulen: Light Designer (ACTLD)
  • Marie-Jeanne Gauthé: Mapping Designer (Festival de Lyon)
  • Benoit Chantry: Composer ♫
  • David Huyvaert: Sound Engineer
  • Inytium: Installation of the audiovisual and lighting equipment
  • Both the teams from Luc Petit Création and the Domain of the Caves of Han

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