Our mission

Every now and again, for us as for every company, it is essential to sit down and reflect on our identity and our raison d'être. This is all the more important for us as we are entrusted with the care of an exceptional natural heritage of international status and renown. And it is our duty to highlight this heritage, but also to preserve it and share it with the greatest number...

Our raison d'être

Quite recently, we organised a number of team meetings in order to find the answers to the following questions:

  • Who are we?
  • What are our missions?
  • How are we going to carry them out?

This is what came out of our meetings.

In the footsteps of our founder...

When the Domain's founder, Baron Edouard de Spandl, decided to buy the land in Han-sur-Lesse in 1856, he did so first and foremost because he was submerged by wonder, overtaken by a moment of passion for this totally unique spot. Because he was utterly convinced that such an exceptional site should be accessible to the general public, he invested himself with a mission: to preserve and restore the site in collaboration with the scientific community while opening it to the greatest number. In so doing, he also created the oldest tourist company in Belgium, in Europe even!

Nowadays, our mission remains the same: the preservation of this exceptional natural site, furthering scientific knowledge and opening the site to the greatest number... This is how the Domain wishes to offer its visitors an authentic experience in the heart of unspoilt nature!

Are you ready to travel to the origins of the world?