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  • Preserving biodiversity, a cause close to our heart!

    20 May 2022

    Various actions have been carried out since the creation of the Wildlife Park to fulfil this mission, such as the reintroduction or reproduction of threatened species...

  • Let’s discover Bear Hill!

    24 June 2018

    Inaugurated in July 2019, Bear Hill stretches out over nearly 2 hectares of pine forest, pool and rocks. A real paradise for the Wildlife Park's brown bears!

  • « Origin », simply the most stunning underground show in the world !

    18 June 2018

    Played 110 metres underground, in the heart of the Cave of Han, this dazzling sound and light show takes visitors into a whirlwind of magic and poetry...

  • Sleeping in the trees: a night to remember in our Wildlife Park

    1 March 2018

    8 unusual accomodations, called Tree Tents, welcome you for a night in the heart of Nature, among the animals of the Wildlife Park.