Meal deals, picnics and playground

School menus (only for children up to 11 years old)

  • Express Menu: chips, mayonnaise or ketchup + 1 beverage (soft drink) - € 5,50
  • Marmot Cub Menu: our chef’s special pasta dish (penne) (vegetarian) + 1 ice cream + 1 beverage (soft drink) - € 13,20
  • Wolf Cub Menu: chicken nuggets, apple sauce, chips + 1 ice cream + 1 beverage (soft drink) - € 13,20
  • Bear Cub Menu: meatball in tomato sauce, chips + 1 ice cream + 1 beverage (soft drink) - € 13,20

These menus are served in one of our restaurants, depending on availability. 

Smart picnic deal

You're welcome to bring your own picnic and enjoy it on the departure plain, but there is no sheltered picnic area.

If you're bringing your own picnic and would like an under-cover dining space, just order our Smart Picnic deal!* We will book seats in one of our restaurants so can enjoy your picnic in comfort. The deal includes a beverage (artisan Upigny fruit juice, water or pomegranate squash) or an ice cream, as well as a reusable souvenir cup.

Price: € 3,00/person

Use of the toilets is free of charge.

* Booking compulsory. You can cancel up to 15 days before the date of your visit. Our smart picnic deal is only available in combination with a visit to the Domain.

Unwinding on the playground

Opposite the restaurant and the picnic area, children can play and explore on our huge playground (also accessible to children with reduced mobility). We bet they’ll be delighted by the cute animals on our petting farm too! 

An amazing day out with your class!