A Bear's Tale

  • Finished in 2022

  • 18/06

  • 17:45

Take a fascinating journey to bear country!

Stories exist to be told and shared and the story of the brown bear is utterly fascinating! Come and listen to their story in the heart of the Widlife Park and meet the six bears that live there. 

This formidable animal that strikes fear into the heart of men once lived in our neck of the woods. Fancy discovering the many faces of this iconic animal, get to see it from close by and hear all about bears from your guide who rubs shoulders with them on a daily basis? Then let yourself be tempted by this adventure and take an extraordinary journey to bear country! An exclusive visit filled with anecdotes, and a fun experience for both young and old!

Visits exclusively in French!

Useful information

  • 2h

  • Visit on foot and by Safari-bus

  • Snack included*

* Kids' snack: Upigny artisan fruit juice, Lucien artisan crisps. Adults' snack: Saint-Monon honey beer, Lucien artisan crisps.

Please remember to dress warmly and wear walking shoes!


  • Child (4-11 years): € 23,00

  • Adult: € 30,00

  • Gold Pass annual ticket holder: -50 %

  • Cocoon Village Pass: -50 %

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