It’s a well known fact: the best way to build cooperation and team bonds, and to get your staff to get to know each other as people, and not just co-workers, is by taking part in team building activities. This is why organizing a team building event is crucial for your company; it will motivate your staff to give their best effort. With that in mind, it is definitely essential to organize an event that is tailored to your company’s needs.

A genuine bushcraft experience honing your outdoor skills in the heart of nature? A subterranean expedition uncovering the hidden depths of the Cave of Han-sur-Lesse? A hike through our beautiful Wildlife Park accompanied by one of our Rangers with team building activities and challenges? Or what about a classy gin tasting in one of the Cave’s most stunning rooms?

Pick and choose from a wide variety of team building packages, ranging from the traditional to the unusual: we definitely have something that will fit the bill perfectly!

Got questions? Want a bespoke event?

Stéphane Géron
Corporate Events Manager 

Let us organize your dream event!