Han 1900

Travel back in time

The Han 1900 museum (located on Han-sur-Lesse’s main street) is the place to visit if you want to discover the rural life and forgotten crafts from times gone by. Come on in, open the door to the past and travel back to the early 20th century!

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Free visit of the Han 1900 museum with your Park or PassHan ticket!

Once upon a time, in the year 1900...

Discover 85 crafts from times gone by through 50 meticulously recreated scenes, with truer-than-life depictions of everyday life in the area. The museum is home to 1,50 mannequins dressed in historical clothing and brings together an impressive collection of over 5.000 period objects and tools. The tools come in every conceivable shape and size and really bring the scenes to life!  

Discover a faithful recreation of the 1900 era, where every detail is true to life, in a museum dotted with explanatory panels.

Address of the museum

Rue des Grottes 14, 
5580 Han-sur-Lesse


Free visit of the museum with your Park or PassHan ticket!