Sleeping in the Tree Tents

The Domain of the Caves of Han can make your childhood dream come true!

Our Tree Tents are sold out until the end of October 2021! 

Want to spend the night in a unique location, surrounded by nature? Then book a night in one of our Tree Tents set in the heart of the Wildlife Park! Admire breathtaking views on the former Lesse river valley and - from the privacy of your secluded Tree Tent - enjoy your very own nature show with deer, aurochs, fallow deer, Przwewalski’s horses and mouflon rollicking on the grasslands below… An extraordinary adventure awaits you!

Our 8 Tree Tents are surrounded by lush nature and are just perfect for escaping the everyday humdrum. Set against a backdrop of stunning landscapes, these delightfully unusual accommodations are perched 3 meters above the ground, on platforms suspended between the trees, and blend into the landscape. 

Look forward to an unforgettable stay...

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Highlights of your stay

Enjoy the magic of nature, from sunrise to sunset…Watch the first golden rays of the rising sun illuminate the landscape and admire the soft glow of the setting sun against the backdrop of a stunning natural environment. Enjoy an enchanting experience with your family or friends!

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