Useful information

  • 9°C

  • Departure at 9h, the visit ends between 15h and 18h (depending on the group)


Available on weekends and Belgian Public Holidays, from April to mid-October.


  • Flat fee of 360 €/group + 40 €/person

Minimum age: 12 years. Min. 5 and max. 10 participants per visit.

Included in the price

  • Breakfast
  • A snack to take with you in the Cave
  • Champagne at the end of the course
  • A PassHan ticket, valid throughout the season, allowing you to visit the Cave, the Wildlife Park and the Han 1900 and PrehistoHan museums
  • A small gift to take home as a souvenir


  • A rustic country meal after the visit. Price : 46 €/person (with a minimum of 5). Booking compulsory!


Helmets, headlamps, protective oversuits and boots will be lent to you before you set off. You can also bring your own boots. We strongly recommend you bring a change of clothes! 


We do not recommend this activity to persons with a heavy build, claustrophobics or visitors suffering from a heart disease.

Book your expedition

Booking compulsory, simply send an email to:

Got questions?

Feel free to contact our Bookings Team:

N.B.: The Domain reserves the right to cancel the activity 3 days in advance if there is an insufficient number of participants.